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Garage Door Problems

Trouble Shooting Garage Doors and Openers

Garage Door Problems 


 When it comes to home repairs it’s always worth the time to evaluate your specific situation before calling in a professional service provider. So this page and subsiding pages are to help you evaluate frequent problems with garage doors and openers.  Most reoccurring garage door opener problems are simple adjustments that can be made by the average home owners.  I will go over some helpful DIY repairs and tips. Plus I will go over some repairs that home owners should avoiding doing.        







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Garage Door Trouble Shooting

We service all major garage door openers.

My Garage Door Reverses  
  • Photo cells not aligned up
  • Something obstructing safety edge
  • Something obstructing the door
 When Liftmaster opener completes its cycle up watch for the opener's light to flash.  You defiantly looking for a problem with photo cells. If light does not flash you defiantly need to call us. The first thing I like to do is disengage trolley and run the door down.  I do this for two reasons: Number one, it is hard to see the photo cell's LED light up, number two, it must be human nature to stand in the opening while trying to align. Photo cells do go bad so if you can't get them aligned up contact us.     
  • Photo Cells
  • Bad Safety Edge
  • Bad RPM board
  • Bad PC board
  • Door needs serviced
  • Ext
Remote Problems

changing battery on garage door remote

Almost Always dead battery!  If you have a Liftmaster use a flat head screw driver to pop open the remote.(2032)Other Options      

(Only openers on 315MHz)

The image below is for those living next to cell phone tower.  This my Q conversion kit will fix your remotes lack of range. Only compatible with security+Change frequency of garage door remotes in case of interference from cell phone tower



Door Opener runs but Garage Door Does Not
  • Trolley disengaged
(Pull red rope toward the door to engage pull red rope away to keep disengaged)     
  • Gears are striped out
  • Chain has broke or come loose
  • Trolley is broke
Garage Door Will Not Work 
  • Ground Fault Tripped
  • PC Board
  • Broke Spring
  • Bad remote
  • A Short in Push Button
  • Ex
Door is Trying To Do a Cartwheel 

The door tries to do a cartwheel with a thrown cable.  One side has spring tension on it while the other does not.

The cable is thrown on one side.  Looking up at the drum from the low side of the door, you should see the loose cable. Your door looks worse then it really is, so don't panic.  Service is our top priority and the on job repair time is fairly quick.  Just give us a call 256-572-9170